Overview of the APEX Aluminum


  • Ultralight Aluminum Cantilever Frame 
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Black Frame with Multiple Accent Color Options
  • Numerous Customizable Options
  • Leveling Functionality for Truest Ride

Key Specs

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Overview of the APEX Aluminum


The Apex Aluminum Ultralightweight Wheelchair by Motion Composites is designed with your active lifestyle in mind. The Apex frame is made of an AluLite aluminum alloy to provide the lightest weight possible.  Triple butted aluminum tubing reduces weight in non-critical sections and increases strength where needed.  The rigid frame gives the Apex a solid ride and a solid, fully dependable chair.  Unlike most ultra lightweight wheelchairs, you do not have to forfeit adjustability for lightweight.  The Apex chair without wheels in a standard size (16" x 16" seat) weighs just 10.5 pounds.  A fully configured Apex aluminum chair with lightest features weighs just 18 pounds.

What Makes It Different:

The Apex Aluminum features a unique rear rigidizing bar that optimizes the chair’s ride performance.  The Apex’s rigidizing bar increases the rear-frame rigidity allowing for a more open design which increases stability.  This cantilever style frame allows the frame to flex when and where you want it.  The Apex’s frame construction easily absorbs vibrations, giving you a smoother ride than other ultra lightweight wheelchairs. The impact guards at the top of the legrests and the accent pieces on the front bumper and backrest rigidizing bar can be colored in red, blue, orange, white, black, fuchsia, or green.  To give you the truest, most even roll, there are bubble levels on the rear axle and above the caster fork.  The impact guards help to absorb bumps to the chair as well as offer a great grip surface to grab hold of when transferring into and out of the chair.  The front bumper gives protection to the lower portion of the chair and with your choice of the above colors, provides some personalized styling.

Why We Like It:

Wheelchair weights are typically kept low by eliminating adjustability.  The AluLite Aluminum frame changes that restriction.  Whether you are a new user trying to find your ideal set up or an experienced user finding your body has changed over time, the Apex allows you a backrest height, backrest angle, leg length, front and rear seat height, and center of gravity adjustability while still maintaining a frame weight just barely over 10 pounds (16" x 16" seat).  The fully adjustability and detailed configurable design allows the Apex to meet the needs and body comfort of each rider.  The look and cantilever design of the Apex is another bonus.  The minimal cantilever frame allows for a minimal presence so you, the rider are foremost.  People will see you and not the chair first.  When people do see the chair, they will see a very sleek frame promoting a minimalist appearance which emphasizes its fast, sporty performance.  The colored accent pieces allows you to inject your personality into the chair.

Adding to the overall luxury feel of the Apex is the array of Motion Composites’ Newton Accessories, which include Newton One spoke wheels and Newton Gravity ultralight wheels.